Expert advice and support from an experienced MBA marketer to help you make better decisions on how to start, run, and expand your business.


My name is Jason Landry. I currently work for a multi-billion dollar tech company full time. I help small companies part-time. I only work with a handful of companies at any given time. Mostly, I provide advice and coaching. Sometimes, I actually do the work – mainly around messaging and branding. My clients ask me what I think, what I recommend, or if I agree. Here are some of my thoughts on marketing:

  • Marketing is not advertising. Advertising is only a tiny part of marketing. This misconception is more common than you think. I see many small business owners struggle to understand this. When I started my first business, I didn’t understand it either. That all changed when I went to business school.
  • Marketing is the beating heart of your business. Marketing includes a vast array of strategies and tactics such as designing products and services the market wants, pricing them appropriately, and promoting them effectively. It’s a delicate balance of quality inputs (COGS) and competitive pricing. Product quality, experience, and price must match your brand perception or things like a loyalty program will do little to engage your customers post-sale.

  • Marketing is the art and science of making money. Great marketers are good accountants, too. Almost every decision they make revolves around doing the research and running the numbers. Building a high-quality product at a price your customer can’t afford will cost you. If you rely on foot-traffic, you have to understand the competitors, alternative, and demographics of potential customers inside your trade area.


If you would like to have me as a resource for you and your business, I currently have one slot available for an Austin-based small business. Reach out and let’s find out if we are a good match.