4 Reasons to Use Google Analytics in Your Website

Making business decisions with data is crucial. If sales and marketing professionals collect bad data, it will only lead to a bad result. Garbage in. Garbage out. Since Google Analytics launched their service in November 2005, it has set itself apart as the standard for web developers to monitor and track their website visitors. The data is used by marketers, sales teams, and a lot of web professionals. Here are 4 reasons to use Google Analytics on your website.

1. Grow your Business by Tracking

Google Analytics will help you understand where your traffic is coming from. The standard free version will give you reliable data on your target market. For example, you might see a large volume of visitors coming from Austin, Texas – your primary target market trade area. But if you are a retail establishment in Austin, Texas, and the majority of your visitors are from Tacoma, Washington, you might need to make some adjustments to your web page content. Interpreting your analytics will give you the advantage of customizing your content to match local content or even decide what services they need and deliver them.

2. Measure and Analyze your Site

Google Analytics will give you and your technical team a perspective on how your site is performing on the technical side. You can see if your pages, links, and site contents are loading. Google has tools and other helpful links to analyze more of your site. Google analytics has a ton of information to help you optimize your site.

3. Better Insights into your Marketing Efforts

The possibility of combining data from your Google Analytics dashboard is huge. This is better than guessing or assuming your efforts in marketing are working. When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), content is an important key. If you can track how your marketing campaign is performing with Google Analytics, then you can measure campaign effectiveness against the campaign goals.

4. Community Support

Google Analytics is supported across a variety of different platforms. Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and other Content Management Systems and Frameworks recommend Google Analytics to be installed to better understand the website and its audience. There are a lot of support forums or websites offering tutorials in Google Analytics.

If you are not using or maximizing the power of Google Analytics then you are probably missing out on these 4 reasons to use Google Analytics.